Survival of the Southpaw

I saw this article in one of my feeds. It says lefties are basically more susceptible to mental problems including schizophrenia, alcoholism and dyslexia. It also states that there are a disproportionate number of athletes who are lefties as well.

I think it has more to do with the left and right side of the brain and which side you are more inclined to. I’m a leftie, so I’m more inclined toward the right side. The right side of the brain is the creative part of the brain, whereas the left side is the more mathematically oriented side. Thats why when you dream, you can’t read anything quite right. You’re using your right side to dream, the left side is idle, so writing looks like gibberish.

Anyway here’s the link:

MAKE from O'Reilly

O’Reilly publishing is putting out a new magazine centered around Do-It-Yourself projects ranging in a wide variety of areas. Most are tech related, but not necessarily computer tech related.

It looks like a fairly interesting read if nothing else. They even have a blog up for it. I posted the link to the blog below. I’m going to try and pick up the first issue at B&N on Tuesday.


Registry Fun

I installed a little ‘patch’ on my computer today for a program I was running which disabled itself.

Before doing so, I saved my registry subtrees as text files. Then I installed said ‘patch’.

Once it was installed, I saved all the registry files again and ran a text comparator. The standard Microsoft text comparator program would be WinDiff. I used BeyondCompare though because I’ve been using it at work and found it to be favorable.

In BeyondCompare, I could see exactly what keys had been changed by the ‘patch’. It was pretty cool because this not only shows me what the ‘patch’ did, but also gives me a little insight into how the original program works.

Most of you probably have no idea what I just said, but I’m a programmer and these things amuse me.

Tresspassing Beethoven

This kid in Ohio got so trashed, he wandered into the wrong house by accident, sat down and started playing Beethoven. This house happened to be the Cheif of Police’s house. Lucky him. The Cheif did mention he played perfectly though.


This is funny. Its funnier knowing people who have done similar things.

Maybe i’ll edit that story into this post later.