Another Blogger Falls

In the ever growing area of blogging, it seems harder and harder to tell people you know at work about your blog.

If you don’t know what a blog is, you are looking at one right now. It is short for web log and is a sort of public journal for all or specific people to see online. There is an official definition, but it escapes me at the moment.

Blogging is a recently expanding pasttime that holds a lot of potential growth for companies and other entities. Its an outlet for the individual, which becomes more and more precious in a world that is drowning to hear itself speak among the masses.

Recently, Google made a wave of hirings. One of these new employees started a blog called ninrtyninezeros to explore his experiences at the groundbreaking company. It lasted about two weeks. He has now been terminated for reasons related to the Blog.


Ramen. Not just for dinner.

I went to fill my mug with some water from the sink in the kitchen at work, when I noticed a third spout. (the other ones were a filtered water faucet and the regular faucet.) This third faucet was a hot water faucet. It even said on it Caution! 190 degree water. I could make ramen with that ridiculously easy.

I’m not sure if thats really a good thing, considering the vast quantities I consume outside of work and how exhausted I get when I eat the normal 2 packs.

Working Late

I’m going to have to work later than normal, I think, for the next few weeks. I received some new assignments today, which I was happy about because my current project is going to become very stale soon since its rather repetitive once I get the procedures down. I’m concerned because many of them are due rather soon. I really need to step up my effort to get my assignments done without relying so heavily on Ken. He is supposed to be my mentor, but I won’t learn anything if I continue to depend on him as much as I do. There are other resources I have yet to tap that are available to me. I just never realized they were there before.

I will feel better about it if I can finish hammering out the procedures for this current project on my own, or at least without Ken. Small goals help meet larger goals. I really want to do well here.

Anyway, my last couple projects seem to have gone a little better and some more overtime is never a bad thing.

Ask Yahoo! 2005.2.9

I’ve been playing with RSS aggregators lately and have found a couple of amusing RSS feeds on yahoo. So I thought I’d share some of the links from whats been on the feeds lately.

This feed is from the Ask Yahoo! feed. Its basically a free for all, ask anything type of page. Here are some of the questions asked.

2005.1.31 Why are the letters in the English “alphabet” in the order that they are?

2005.2.1 Is the Bible copyrighted?

2005.2.2 Was the creator of Nancy Drew also the creator of the Hardy Boys?

2005.2.3 How many people do you have to kill to be considered a serial killer?

2005.2.6 When is the planet going to run out of oil?

2005.2.7 What makes SuperBalls bounce so high?

Things that make you hmmmm…

I thought the best question was the oil question. The rest are amusing in their own right though.

Napster To Go Explained

I was reading an article on this awful new napster venture, Napster To Go, in the paper this morning. It got a bit hype because they had a Super Bowl ad last night. I mentioned to someone at the party that, though they did not mention it anywhere in the commercial, that as soon as you end your subscription to the service, your media will no longer work. I was asked how that was possible and I was honest and had no idea. The article I read this morning briefly mentions how, so I thought I would share for those who were curious.
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RSS feed

I found an option in the control panel that lets me choose to show the summary or the full text in the syndication feeds. I received some complaints because the full text wasn’t always showing up in the feed. I realized this happened when there was no summary or excerpt filled out for those entries, so it would use a certain number of characters from the beginning of the full text as the summary instead.

I have chosen to leave it on the Excerpt option and be more conscious of filling the summary out since some of my posts have a tendency to get rather lengthy in their entirety.

So for the 2 or 3 of you who actually set this site up on an RSS feed, there is the answer to your queries.

Oh and as near as I can tell, links don’t translate through on the syndication.