Siete De Mayo

We had a Siete de Mayo party on Saturday. We rented a hall and invited everyone we knew.

It was $20 to get in and a complimentary raffle ticket. I bought another $20 worth of tickets. (5 more tickets) The raffle was crazy. Prizes included a signed Tom Brady Patriots football jersey, a tivoli desk radio, tons of gift certificates and a 42″ plasma television.

I won the Tom Brady football jersey which was pretty sweet.

No Grey Goose at the bar, so i was rocking the Absolut and tonic.

I guess it was a pretty good night from what I’m told. I blacked out, so I have absolutely no memory of what happened after I got on the dance floor. Then next thing i remember is waking up fully clothed in my bed.

I didn’t get out of bed til 5:30pm yesterday. I hate Sundays.

Changing Trains

On Saturday morning, I headed into the city to meet Brendan, Thanh, and Darren. We were heading for the convention in town.

I was listening to some Garbage on the Zen Touch and reading some manga I had picked up from the convention the day before. At the Quincy Adams stop, a man got on with his two sons and sat next to me. The kid next to me was jumping around a bit, but I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t really bother me. Several stops later, I notice out of the corner of my eye, that the man is laying the kid down on the seat, so that his head is next to my leg and his feet are at his father’s side.
I quickly realized what was going on and really hoped my observation was incorrect. Unfortunately the next this the guy does is take a diaper out his backpack.


He then proceeded to pull the kid’s pants down and clean him up. I’m trying desperately not to even notice, while I read my book and listen to some music, but I could just make him out saying that he apologized for the smell. It was at that point that the pungent odor hit me like a wall. The smell only got worse as the minutes rolled on during this horrid process. The kid was squirming around so much that he was unintentionally headbutting my thigh.

At this point, I got up and got off the train at the next stop which happened to be Broadway to wait for the next train. Three girls, maybe 13 or 14 years of age, asked me if this was the Braintree train as I stepped off on to the platform. I told them that it wasn’t and that the Braintree train would come on the other side, as would be the Ashmont train. I told them to make sure they got on the Braintree train and not the Ashmont train. I yelled to them as they got on the next train, that they were boarding the Ashmont train and shouldn’t get on, but they weren’t listening and only noticing me shaking my head at them as the doors closed.

Then my train came and off to AnimeBoston I went.