Look Ma! No Drips!

I went grocery shopping the other day. Shocking, I know.

I needed to refuel on my condiment of condiments, ketchup. I saw a peculiar looking bottle and opted to purchase it for my abstract culinary purposes. In one more example of human achievement, Heinz has stumbled upon the apex of ketchup bottle evolution. Not only is it upside-down so you don’t have to wait for the ketchup to ooze to the top when pouring, but it also has this sterile white clean cap that does not leak! I make note of this sterile white state because there’s no mess. Mind you, when you squeeze the bottle, the condiment is propelled at such a speed it could put most super soakers to shame, but no fuss, no muss. Whatever that means.

From the Heinz site:

Heinz Turns Ketchup Upside Down!
Now get the same great thick & rich taste of Heinz Tomato Ketchup when you want it and where you want it with Heinz Easy Squeeze!TM The upside-down bottle design ensures that your ketchup is always ready when you are, and the stay-clean cap with control valve gives you total control over where your ketchup goes. Available in two sizes: 20-ounce and 32-ounce.

By the way, don’t buy that organic Heinz ketchup crap they have. Thats what they serve at Legal Seafood and its gross!

New Orleans vs Katrina

I came across this article today while doing a bit of digging. Its an old Popular Mechanics article detailing the problems of New Orleans should it ever encounter a high category hurricane like Katrina. Basically, they’re screwed. The highest point in the city is 6 feet above sea level. The city is essentially a bowl just waiting to be filled with water. Apparently this is one reason why they limit the number of ground burials for the area.

Anyway the article goes on to talk about some early detection system, but seriously as you can see here Katrina totally owned New Orleans.

Katrina: 1
New Orleans: 0

Freshness Sustained!

Nabisco! You rascals you!

After 20 years of struggling to keep your cookies fresh in the package, you’ve finally come up with a solution.

First it was the annoying twist-tie type bar to fold around the end of the folded package, but that kept falling off and was easy to lose. Then a couple of years ago, a resealable sticky tab was placed on the top of the package to stick down the end of the folded package. There wasn’t enough packaging to fold up and under the sticky tab and if you cut some of the plastic insert out from the inside, the sticky tab rarely did an effective job of keeping it sealed. A true disappointment.

You’ve finally had your wacky scientists and engineers hard at work to discover the true way to keep your scrumptious delicacies from going to waste before their prime, while remaining in the original packaging.

At Last!

Summer 2005 Trip #2: Otakon 2005

I am back from crabby Baltimore!

Otakon 2005 was a blast! 22,000 Otaku in one place is a crazy site.

I have posted a gallery here accessible by the handy dandy Galleries link at the top of the page.

I will add more to the gallery as other people from the trip send me their pictures.

Pictures of note:
Generic Asian Male
The Trekkie at an Anime Convention
A midget playing DDR against a girl in high heels
Sailor Moon is a commie
Go Go Gadget Copter!
The seashell by the toilet (we couldn’t find the other two)
An 8 foot tall statue of Alphonse Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist
Level 2 Sasuke Fighting Chakra Fox Naruto!
The Jedi Council
And Yours Truly as the ever badass Chuunin Exam Uchiha Sasuke

[Edit – Crazy: Updated gallery plugin today. Fixed links accordingly. 20060603]

Adventures in Dogsitting: Part Three

For background you should really Part 1 and Part 2 of this story before continuing to read this post.

Not much of an update to our story this week.

It seems our poor couple have put up flyers for their ‘missing’ dog.

As the story continues to rage on, I have requested some sort of proof of this story either in the form of a copy of the police report or one of the flyers the couple have started hanging around town. Correct me if I am wrong, but it was mentioned that this all did not actually take place in Boston, but rather in Chicago. That might have been my fault because I assumed it was Boston. Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted.

Yak Shaving

One of things that many people are mystified by about me is my train of thought. It can be rather erratic at times making me seem completely random. I won’t lie, it causes great hilarity in many a stiuation. I thought I’d start a new category of entries to show just how erratic my thoughts really are. And really what better name for the category than Yak Shaving?

Here are the steps that led me to make this post.
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Adventures in Dogsitting: Part Deux

When last we left our protagonist, the dog she was supposed to dog-sit died, got stuffed in a suitcase, and was thereafter stolen.

The girl told all her friends the events that led up to her current situation. When she told her boyfriend, he thought she should call the cops. So this apparently mindless girl called the cops and reported a missing piece of luggage. The officer was taking a description over the phone. He got the color and style of the bag and then asked what the bag contained. She decided to change the imaginary contents of the bag to school books and claimed that it was ripped out of her hands on the subway. The cop took all this down and told her he’d let her know if anything came up.

Meanwhile, the couple who owned the dog, returned from their trip. Wondering what happened to their dog, the girl told them that it got loose and ran off.

Two days later, the couple received a call from the police. They were not home, but the policeman left a message saying that they still hadn’t found her luggage, but were still looking for it. Apparently this girl, left the couple’s house phone number with the police if they had any updates for her.

When the couple questioned the girl about it, she replied repeating the story that she had told the police about the luggage and the books, saying that she had a number of books that were too big to carry or put in her bag, so she borrowed their suitcase, which then got stolen on the subway.

End Part Two.

Its still in question if the couple actually believe this girl. We all eagerly await any updates on this story as they break. I will find out if anything else has happened since last time on Thursday.