Flash Game of the Week: Brain Strainer

I have been rather negligent in my procrastination responsibilities lately, but I was sent this link today and couldn’t resist posting it. The Brain Strainer is essentially a create-your-own-Rube-Goldberg-device in order to launch the rocket. The more steps your ball has to go through to hit the launch button, the greater the chance your score will be high enough to get it to lift off. I have not been able to launch the rocket yet and I’ve been playing for the past hour or so. I’d say this game should take up a respectable portion of your work/school day.


TP Adapter

While getting supplies for the new house, my roommate Natalie had asked us if we needed anything. I told her that when she gets toilet paper she needs to get Charmin. It may cost a bit more, but seriously, toilet paper should not be the victim of cost cutting. The last thing anyone should have to experience after spending a good while on the toilet is cheap toilet paper. Its like wiping sand paper across your ass. In the same light, I can’t imagine any girl cost cutting on tampons. What girl would want to put some cheap tampon anywhere near her cash and prizes. I digress.

When Natalie came back with the Charmin, she got these incredibly huge rolls that don’t even fit in the holder. I think it was called the MegaRoll or something like that. Thats not a bad thing, necessarily. That just means the toilet paper is much thicker and softer which means a happier experience for all. On second inspection, an adapter was included for the toilet paper holder to accomodate for the extra sized roll! Ingenious! So simple and so necessary. Not only that, but it appears that you can send away for them for free (limit 2 per household, available in chrome, white and brass. Always read the fine print!).

Cheers to you, Charmin.

And cheers to Natalie for going to the store.

Surprise Inspection

My roommate, Mike, just called me at work. He told me that there were two tickets on my parked car at home.

As it turns out, I have an expired inspection sticker. As soon as I hung up with Mike, I sent a note out to my team letting them know I’ll be working from home on Monday to get that inspection taken care of.

It also turns out that if you are parked at the end of a street, you must be parked at least 15 feet from the end. Sadly, I was probably about 3 feet away.

In addition, Mike said that our neighbor told him that after two tickets they usually tow cars away. How delightful. So now I’m leaving work to rush home and move my car since I don’t have any spare keys at home. I actually do, but I’m not sure where they are since my room still isn’t entirely unpacked.

Oh bother.

Destroying the Carrot on a stick

I was heading home yesterday, as I do everyday after work and as I walked down and into the T station, I pulled out the contents of my pocket without thinking. The wad included the subway pass, my license and a whole mess of single dollar bills. I just needed to get my subway pass out quickly just in case my train was there. When I separated my pass from the rest of the pack, I placed everything back in my pocket except the pass. I immediately looked up and a bum is sitting there on a milk crate against the wall (where he normally is everyday) yelling at me.

I inadvertantly took the money out right in front of him as though I was going to give him some and then put it back in my pocket. I’m not sure if he thought I was teasing him or I was just being a dick or not, but he was yelling something at me. I didn’t care enough to take my headphones off, but I figure he was entitled to be a bit angry about the chain of events. I liken it to buying a new toy for a child, letting them see it and know its for them, and then immediately running it through the garbage disposal or throwing it in the trash. In other words I was holding the carrot on a stick in front of him, taunting him with it and then eating it myself. Let me tell you, it was delicious.