Brood War Rising

As of this past Friday, January 26th, 2007, I am giving all challengers a three week head start before I install Starcraft on my laptop.

Get your Firebats, Templar, and Hydralisks ready because on February 9th, I’ll be setting that race to random and taking on whatever you guys throw at me. So if your new to the game, you’ve got a headstart and if you’ve played me before then this is your chance to brush up.

See you on, my little zerglings.

StarCraft: Brood War

Nerd Talk

This is what toy nerds talk about online.

The figures in question are Hercules, Ultimate Iron Man and Planet Hulk. All from the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro.

Session Start: Sun Jan 28 17:33:01 2007
[17:33] Me: annihilus’ wing is kinda neat
[17:33] Brendan: you opened herc!
[17:33] Me: and iron man and hulk
[17:34] Brendan: hulk is one of the best legends ever
[17:34] Me: i don’t know about that, but I am pleasantly surprised with him
[17:35] Me: or suprisingly pleased
[17:35] Me: he is much bigger than i was expecting
[17:35] Me: thankfully
[17:36] Brendan: the accesories have a very nice texturing
[17:36] Me: as in lots
[17:36] Brendan: which is a very good thing
[17:37] Me: i like iron man except for his helmet
[17:39] Brendan: one of the arms on herc was nearly unmoveable
[17:40] Me: mines fine
[17:40] Me: that stupid grin on his face creeps me out
[17:42] Brendan: i find it funny because i have him peaking out from all my thors guys, like hey guys can i play too
[17:42] Me: he looks like the burger king
[17:43] Brendan: haha, he really does
[17:44] Brendan: thats probably why he’s called the prince of power, daddys the king
[17:44] Me: that makes it sound like she-ra is his sister
[17:45] Me: he-ra cles
[17:45] Me: prince of power
[17:45] Brendan: an unmade planned 2nd spin off…

Marvel Legends Hercules

WordPress 2.1

FightingReality is now on WordPress 2.1. It is fantastically full of some new features that I’ve wanted both in this version and the previous couple I skipped. I can even do automated backups. Unfortunately the backup plugin doesn’t come default anymore so I had to manually install it. Otherwise it was a completely smooth upgrade.

I’ll most likely be upgrading Powet.TV to this version within the next couple of weeks.

Vacation is Over

‘No rest for the wary’ is right. I’ve been back from the cruise for 16 days and back to work for about 14. I haven’t even had time to update this blog. I have lots of pictures to upload from both the cruise and New Years at the Braintree House. I have a couple of video, too. Lots and lots to get done over the next couple of weeks.

Its a new year. New goals to meet, new desires to strive for and new bad habits to break.

Time’s a-tickin’!