I am a Nerd and this is my handbook

I came across a link while scanning through my Lifehacker.com RSS feed. This feed is one of my favorites, as I am always interested in efficiency and how to hack my regular behavioral patterns to streamline my daily routines and maximize effectiveness and throughput (thats a mouthful). The title of the article piqued my curiosity, so I marked it to come back to later. Today, I finally had a moment to read the article in its entirety and I can now say ‘The Nerd Handbook’ describes my life and thought process to an alarming degree of accuracy. If you ever date me, know me, or even just want to motivate me to do something, then this is required reading.

Read the short essay here.

I am now sorely tempted to buy his book: Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

I copied the full essay after the break in case the site ever goes down.
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The Power of Snap

Quality I possess something I’m fresh
When my voice goes through the rest
Of the microphone that I am holdin’
Copywritten lyrics so they can’t be stolen
If they are snap
Don’t need the police to try to save them
Your voice will sink so please stay off my back
Or I will attack and you don’t want that

-Snap “Power”

Its as if he knew I would want to download this song over fifteen years later…

Do you think he has a way to keep track of who steals his lyrics and travels cross country, going door-to-door handing out beatdowns?

*Ding Dong*

Oh! Snap!