Wishlist Updated 2008.07.30

At the request of a couple people, I updated the wishlist for my birthday.

Didn’t add much since I’m not really looking for much, but I did add a few DVD sets that I’d like. Most specifically the MASK sets. I’m really jonesing for those as I did not know they were released last year and now they are getting really hard to find. Best Buy had no sign of them when I went to look.

Wishlist can be viewed here.

Comics: Transformers Megatron Origin TPB

I recently purchased the Transformers: Megatron Origin TPB on Amazon as part of a larger order. I avoid the Transformers books in the comic shops because its an all or nothing deal. If I picked up any of the books, I’d have to pick up all of the books. That means every issue and every variant cover. When I am a fan of something, I tend to be obsessive. In this case, I normally wait for the trade paperbacks because not only does it include all the issues, but it also includes all the covers and variant covers, in addition to some concept art or commentary by the artists and/or writers. Its usually the better deal if you are willing to wait.

The story started out in a mining facility where Megatron was just another grunt. A senator visited saying they were shutting the mine down and that all the workers would be reassigned. Your typical upper class vs. lower class societal struggle plot. The announcement triggered a riot by the miners, who were then all attacked by security officers to quell the uprising. They were all arrested, but the prisoners broke free and fled underground, eventually forming or joining an illegal arena fight club of sorts. Megatron, naturally dominated the circuit and things escalated from there.
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PowetToys: Animated Starscream

I put up a new PowetToys video on Powet.TV for the 4th of July. You can see the post here.

Now that I finally have all my computers back up and running at full speed for the most part. Editing this video was far easier than videos I have done in the past. It also renders much faster as well on the new computer. I really like these new Animated figures and am totally hooked on the new show. They have really outdone themselves with this generation of Transformers.