Wolf ODonnell Unlocked

Since I moved into this apartment and set up my Wii, I’ve only had one game in the console.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I have been working tirelessly trying to complete all the challenges and unlock all of the characters. For the past couple weeks I had finished unlocking everyone but Wolf O’Donnell. To unlock him, I needed to do one of a few things.
1. Play 450 brawls total.
2. Complete the Subspace Emmisary. Then complete Boss Battles with Fox or Falco.
3. Complete the Subspace Emmisary. Then go back into the SSE and go to a hidden door or something or other.

I wasn’t going back into the Subspace Emmisary. I was done with that and I had no desire to go back in. 450 Brawls is a tall order and I had no idea how many Brawls had been played since I got the game since there is no meter. So I played Boss Battles. and played and played and played. I continued to die at the final boss for about a week because I just wasn’t as successful with Fox or Falco. Well I beat it yesterday with Fox. Then I got the alert a new adversary was approaching. Finally. You are supposed to then defeat the challenger to unlock the character, but I died. So what did I do? I said screw it and played Brawl after Brawl after Brawl until I hit the magic 450 number. In case anyone was curious, I had to play 121 Brawls before I got to unlock Wolf, but I did it. And here’s my proof:

Initial Impressions: Cross Ion Lunar Gray

Well I got lots of packages and mail recently and my new Cross Ion Lunar Gray pen was included. Unfortunately, I had ordered two and there was only one in the package, yet 2 on the invoice. I’ve sent an email to the amazon reseller to try and get my second pen or a refund.

Initial impressions:

  • The pen opens and retracts smoother than my old one.
  • The keychain topper still fits over the writing end of the pen, so when you put the pen on your keyring, the ink drains to the top of the pen. This reduces the longevity of the ink refill.
  • The rubber grip is a dust magnet
  • This pen is not nearly the fingerprint magnet the old one was.
  • Gel inks write smoothly and fluidly with little smudging because they dry so fast (great for lefties!)

So far so good. I haven’t really had a chance to use it for an extended writing session yet, but I expect that to change with work soon.

Brenna's Halloween visit

So Brenna is coming tomorrow and I never got around to blogging about her last visit. I figured this would be a good opportunity.

Duke picked me up on the way to the airport because he was nice enough to help out with a ride since my dad still had my car. She was already waiting for us since we were a little late because I was scrubbing my toilet and Mike had someone do maintenance to his car despite his best efforts to refuse. We made our way back to Mike’s new condo where he and Danielle cooked for us, while Brenna and I watched Transformers on Blu-Ray. It was pretty sweet. I was pretty stuffed. After dinner, Brenna and I finished watching Transformers while both Duke and Danielle dozed off on the couch. When Mike finally roused himself, he drove us back to my apartment. We crashed almost immediately because we were both exhausted and we had a big day ahead of us on the morrow.
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I have the powet!

I picked up MOTUC He-Man and Beastman from MattyCollector.com when they went on sale last month. Only got around to opening them today. Much better figures than I had anticipated. Mattel has screwed the pooch promoting it, but the figures stand up for themselves. They’ve been getting glowing reviews and its no wonder. Skeletor goes on sale on January 15th. Definitely going to have to pick one up for myself.

I meant to film an entire episode of PowetToys today, but all I ended up doing was playing with the figures and making this stop motion animation video. Not bad considering I wasn’t completely focused on it. I bet I could do a much better one if I planned it out…

The cost of parking is about to go up

By parking, I mean violation.

I got a parking ticket last Saturday. Totally my fault. I knowingly parked in a Bus stop. I was just exhausted and didn’t want to carry anything too far, then got distracted and lost track of time. I forgot about the car and realized I had a ticket when someone came to pick me up to go out. Naturally I moved the car right away and paid the ticket within five days. I think it said I had 21. The cost of said ticket was 55 American Dollars. Pretty expensive. It was my fault though and the fines serve a purpose to remind us not to park where we are not supposed to since there are good reasons we shouldn’t be parking in those places.

Anyway, the Monday after I got the ticket, I came into work for the first work day of the new year. Very exciting. I kid.

I begin to read my daily Metro newspaper and what is on the second page, but an article going over proposals for parking ticket hikes. In this particular article, bus stop fines were specifically mentioned as going up from 55 to 100 American Dollars! This Boston.com article mentions that residential parking fines most likely won’t be affected. Thats nice to know since they are even lower than the bus stop fines at the bargain basement fee of 40 American Dollars.

I really need to get that residential parking sticker I just have not found time to get yet.

Out with the old, In with the new 2009 Edition

Just before the holiday break, I misplaced my pen. This may not sound significant to the unfamiliar, but those who are around me any length know that I carry a small moleskine notebook on me at all times. I use a single and specific pen to do nearly all the writing in that notebook as well as a larger moleskine notebook I have at work for work notes. This pen is a Cross Ion Metal gel ink pen. This brought much of my note-taking and list-making to a screeching halt over the break. Mostly due to my lengthy search to locate and rescue my gel ink cartridge-toting writing implement. It was a wonderful pen. It wrote as smoothly as writing your name in snow with urine.

All is not lost though. As 2008 has come to a close and 2009 has sparked to life, I have changed over to a new notebook, as I do annually. In this timely and convenient period of change, I have looked upon Amazon.com and ordered a new implement with which to write my name in the yellow snow-like pages of my new notebook.

Behold the Cross Ion Lunar Gray.

Due to arrive in roughly 2-18 weeks. Gotta love Super Saver Shipping!