Jim Lee's X-Men door poster

I just discovered that earlier this week marked the release of a recolored door poster by Jim Lee. Not just any door poster, mind you, but the door poster to end all door posters. This was one of many posters Jim Lee did when the second adjective-less X-Men book debuted in the 90’s featuring his artwork. I must find this, frame it, and mount it post haste. Now if only they would recolor and release the other posters he did from that time like the Magneto, Original X-Men, Things to Come and poolside posters!

New Checks

Just before the AnimeBoston/Botcon combo hit me, I ran out of checks to pay bills.

This might be the first time in roughly five years or more that I’ve run out of checks. I think the second time ever. Last time, there was a little slip at the back of the last checkbook to order a new set of checks. No such luck this time around. I went online to check my account and as I suspected there was an option there to order more checks. I went through the motions and soon I was at the part where I selected the background of the check. They didn’t have the same amazingly bland and boring background I had before, so I looked through each design set. There were maybe 50 different sets. Naturally as soon as I saw the design below, I knew which set to choose. The landlady is going to love these.

Revenge of the Fallen Wheelie

New review is up!

Revenge of the Fallen Wheelie

I did this entire video in rhyme in honor of the original Wheelie. I really liked the RotF Wheelie. I heard someone complain that he was too much like Joe Pesci, but honestly had they not made him like that, even more people would have complained because he was too cute or something along those lines. The video came together quite nicely considering I was hugely constrained on time once again. I did not get to start it until Saturday nor film it until Sunday. This is also one of my shortest videos. Mostly because I kept running out of things to rhyme with.

Hope you all enjoy. I’d say leave a comment, but I’m pretty sure those are still broken.

One thing at a time. I have not forgotten you, little blog!