3 foot snow commuting

The snow is everywhere.

The snow drifts all around are up to my chest or higher.

I love the snow, but not when there is a lot and I still have to go to work.

It snowed again on Wednesday giving us another 8 inches or so, giving us a grand total of about 3 feet of snow in a weeks time. We set a record for the most snowfall in a month for this area. 40 inches so far, I think. I worked late on Wednesday so when I got back to my car in the parking garage at Braintree it was covered in snow and ice again and noone had come to plow the roof. I won’t lie. I might have done a few donuts on purpose in the Shaggin’ Wagon since there were no cars up there. When I got back to the house I had to shovel myself out a parking space and widen the foot of the driveway since I didn’t have enough clearance to make the turn into the driveway. This is all at about 11 o’ clock now. That was the day that just never ended.

Commuting this week has been dreadful. Everyone has been taking public transportation to avoid the slower moving traffic of the commute, so the normally crowded subway cars and now packed tighter than Angelina Jolie’s ass. I get in at Braintree, so I always get a seat but even sitting its still crowded. Some enormous woman took the seat next to me yesterday and by seat I mean that seat and half of mine. This was the type of woman you wish would buy two tickets on an airplane since she already takes up to freakin’ seats anyway. Of course she was rockin out to some tunes she was playing off her pda, so she kept pushing me against the side of the bench since I was on an end. I missed 2 cars on the Green Line for the E train because they were just too crowded. I got to work about an hour late, pretty much like I have all week.

Today was a little better. At the Quincy Adams stop on the Red Line a girl asked if the seat beside me was taken and I said no so she sat down. Of course, being on the train I was so paranoid about not staring I didn’t realize til half way through the ride that the girl was none other than Rima Patel, whom I went to high school with and haven’t seen in quite a while. I felt better when she was the first person to say something because we didn’t notice each other until we happened to look at each other at the same time. Crazy. Apparently she takes the Red Line to the Green Line and gets off at the Prudential stop like I do. So we waited for the E train on the Green Line while some of her friends from work had met up with her to finish their commute. Introductions were made. I can’t lie, they were all quite attractive and I had absolutely no problem with that. Unfortunately they were able to squeeze in the E train car that had come next but I couldn’t get in. Just not enough room. So I waved by and they were off.

I probably waited another 20 minutes for the next train car to come. Of course I bump into someone else I know. Mejul was standing near me also waiting for the next train. We chatted a little, but when the train came he missed it this time and I got on.

I’m inclined to say most of these delays are more the fault of the MBTA than the actual snow itself that they seem to keep blaming. This would be the downside to commuting, but I do love meeting people. Especially attractive females who share my commute.

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