Beware the Lunch Coma!

There are few things that motivate me to change old habits.

I have found a new one in the form of the Lunch Coma.

I do not have the most exciting of jobs, but I do like it and wish to be better in it. Everyday at lunch, I normally have a large meal. Its rivals the size of my dinners and often times trumps it. Eating all this food, however, and then going back to my cubicle to stare at a monitor for another 6 hours is a trial. With the exception of a single day, I have gotten lunch coma everyday I have worked here and nearly everyday at my last job as well.

The past couple days I have tried modifying my eating habits in the hope it would help. So far, it has little to no effect, though I have found a few other methods to try and keep myself awake including brushing my teeth. I’m trying just about anything at this point.

As a sidenote, the only day I outwitted the lunch coma was on free ice cream scoop day at Ben & Jerry’s. I got the Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz. I think that had caffeine in the caffeine.

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