Spice is not nice

Everyone is always on my case that I need to eat better, though they always miss the fact that I don’t drink anything carbonated nor do I eat red meat. Anyway, I finally went grocery shopping two days ago after a month and a half of being out of food and supplies. It wasn’t such a bad outting this time since I had eaten prior to going.

I tried to get a few extra small things that might make the majority of what I eat slightly less awful for me. Ramen, for instance. I eat two packages of ramen per sitting. Last night I made my usual two package serving of Ramen. This time, though, I did not add any of the flavoring. Instead, I added some seasoning that my roommate, Greg loves. The seasoning was lemon pepper. Smelled good enough that it might be ok. Greg’s never had any problem with it. I’ve even seen him put the stuff on potato chips, ramen, chinese food, you name it. I figured, if it works for him, maybe it’ll work for me.

Worst ramen I have ever eaten. Hands down.

It very nearly came all back up. I was only able to eat half of my serving. Apparently I put too much seasoning in.

Whatever, next time I’ll try soy sauce or actually adding some pieces of chicken.

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