I went to Barnes & Noble the other day before my trip to Vegas and finally got around to joining the discount club for a year. Considering how much I’m in there buying stuff to read, I should be able to make back that investment easily. While I was in there I poked around the journal and sketchbook section and found some Moleskine notepads. (pronounced mole-eh-skeenay)

For those not in the know, its a just a small notepad with a leather like cover, cloth bookmark stitched to the binding, an attached fabric elastic of some sort that keeps the book closed and a small pocket on the inside of the back cover. Its a nice little notebook that has actually gained a lot of popularity.

In the slow battle against becoming my dad, I had another defeat and picked up two of these little books. One with blank pages to sketch in and one with lined pages to keep on me to jot notes to myself for later on. My dad carries around a cheap little spiral bound notebook that probably measures 2 x 3 inches that you can find in any drug store. He has an awful time remembering stuff so he writes everything down in that little book and never looks at it again.

I have a lot of ideas for projects I’d like to do on the side and I never remember it all by the end of the day, so we’ll try the paternal approach.

Three people have already asked me if it was my black book of phone numbers of girls I know…maybe this will work out after all…

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