The Penalty of Stability Part 2

To better the chance of success with the reload of my system, I am writing a ‘script’ of procedures for myself to follow. I have started with a fairly extensive list of the applications I use now that I would like to re-install in addition to a few other apps I am using to replace some I was unhappy with.

So here is my application install list so far to install on Windows XP:

7 thoughts on “The Penalty of Stability Part 2

  1. I have an SSH server at home that I can log into and I keep putting it off but I’m configuring it to be a proxy among other things.

  2. anything for reading PDF files in there? not sure if OpenOffice does that or if you’ll need adobe reader. for azureus you won’t want to forget the java install JRE 1.5 or 5 or whatever they call it these days. and I still don’t subscribe to your belief of not running any antivirus software. could even go the avg free route (

  3. My personal additions:

    Microscopic for Trillian.
    Newsbin for newsgroups.
    Alcohol 120% for drive mounting.
    Visual Studios .NET for coding.
    Eclipse for coding.
    Norton Ghost for the “oh crap” case.

  4. Anti virus software is for suckers! Ran on windows for years without any problems. Of course now I really don’t have any problems with Linux… and for that reason I can’t really give many software recommendations…

  5. Norton Anti-virus != Norton Ghost.

    Norton Ghost ==> Make image of your newly redone harddrive and burn it to DVD. Makes wiping a system ALOT easier the next time. :)

  6. Christy, aDam was responding to Mike’s suggestions.

    JRE 1.5

    I will add those to the list. I don’t have a copy of Ghost and I’ll consider the anti-virus though no personal anti-virus has ever done anything for me other than hog resources and be outdated. I’ll look into that free one.

    Is that it?

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