You won!…two weeks ago

Underworld EvolutionI read the Metro Boston every morning on my commute into the city for work. Every once in a while there is a notice in the entertainment section to email your name and address into the listed email address and you can win a free ticket for two to an advanced screening to the latest hot movie.

Two weeks ago I sent in my information for the Underworld Evolution screening as soon as I got out of my first meeting that day at work. After that, I quickly forgot about it. The day of the screening came and passed. Underworld Evolution came out in theaters and I went opening night. I liked it and thought it was a good sequel. I’ll certainly keep the movie poster up in my room.

I just came back from my parents house to pick up my mail and discovered, mixed in amongst the mailings, an envelope from The Metro Boston. I ripped it open and sure enough there was a voucher inside with Kate Beckinsdale on it staring back at me. So I won the tickets for the screening that happened two weeks ago. -_-

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