The Hardest Button to Button

I went to the bathroom this afternoon just before I left work. As I was finishing up at the urinal, one of my coworkers sidled up to the other urinal and went about his business. I zipped up my fly and my fingers went to feel for the button to button up the top, but as I did this I hear a clink in the urinal. I looked down and there is the button of my brand new pants sitting in this porcelain urinary track we call a urinal. I muttered some obscenity and my coworker laughed, turned his head and said, “Time to go fishin’!” -_-

I managed to get the button out and furiously washed it in the sink (and washed my hands three times!). This was the third time I had worn these pants. What a kick in the junk!

4 thoughts on “The Hardest Button to Button

  1. Hahaha. Harsh. I was peeing once as, in mid stream, I noticed a thread sticking out of my top shirt button. I tugged at it and the button fell into the toilet. I paused and contemplated the situation briefly and then flushed abandoning the button.

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