Work From Home

So my company’s lease expires on August 31 for the office space we occupy. I should really say occupied, but I’ll get to that. We have a new office space all lined up across the street. Unfortunately, due to the heavy layers of beauracracy and red tape, leases and contracts needed approval after approval until every pencil pusher under the impression he has the power to make a decision had seen our contract/lease and waited a week or two to sign it. This means our new office space will not be ready for occupancy until mid-October. Thats a month and a half after our current lease expires, for those non-math majors out there.

Last week, we had to pack up and leave our office. We are temporarily renting some shared space on a couple of floors right below where we used to occupy. Since its shared space though, there isn’t enough room for the entire team. In fact, there’s really only room for about half the team. So at any given time, about half of the team is working from home. This, fortunately, includes me. It has been mandated that we need to be in the office at least 2 days a week. Which means for the next month and a half, I will be working from home 3 days a week.

I am excited about this, but not in the way you probably expect. While its definitely a more relaxing atmosphere at home, this won’t be a big party or anything. When I work from home, I am able to get a significant amount of work done. Moreso, than I am able to get done at work. So this will actually be an opportunity for me to get my work done and work on the side projects I actually enjoy working on for work. That and I won’t have to spend a small fortune on lunches in the Prudential Food Court.

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