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The figures in question are Hercules, Ultimate Iron Man and Planet Hulk. All from the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro.

Session Start: Sun Jan 28 17:33:01 2007
[17:33] Me: annihilus’ wing is kinda neat
[17:33] Brendan: you opened herc!
[17:33] Me: and iron man and hulk
[17:34] Brendan: hulk is one of the best legends ever
[17:34] Me: i don’t know about that, but I am pleasantly surprised with him
[17:35] Me: or suprisingly pleased
[17:35] Me: he is much bigger than i was expecting
[17:35] Me: thankfully
[17:36] Brendan: the accesories have a very nice texturing
[17:36] Me: as in lots
[17:36] Brendan: which is a very good thing
[17:37] Me: i like iron man except for his helmet
[17:39] Brendan: one of the arms on herc was nearly unmoveable
[17:40] Me: mines fine
[17:40] Me: that stupid grin on his face creeps me out
[17:42] Brendan: i find it funny because i have him peaking out from all my thors guys, like hey guys can i play too
[17:42] Me: he looks like the burger king
[17:43] Brendan: haha, he really does
[17:44] Brendan: thats probably why he’s called the prince of power, daddys the king
[17:44] Me: that makes it sound like she-ra is his sister
[17:45] Me: he-ra cles
[17:45] Me: prince of power
[17:45] Brendan: an unmade planned 2nd spin off…

Marvel Legends Hercules

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