I have been playing ultimate frisbee every Saturday at noon-thirty for the past two years and every summer for four years prior to that. I’m no stranger to the game, but we are far from playing by any type of official rules or on an official field. Eventually, I had always wanted most of us to join some sort of intramural frisbee league.

Enter two weeks ago. Steve, one of the guys we play frisbee with, found a guy on Yahoo that coaches ultimate disc teams for BUDA. Boston’s very own Ultimate Disc Association. Steve invited him out to play two Saturdays ago. Thanh likened the experience to high school gym class, where everyone tried to impress the hot girl in class with their skillz. The accuracy of that analogy was befuddlingly on target. After a pretty competitive first game, the guy brought out cones and marked out a field with boundaries for us to play in the second game. After an exhausting three more games, we were told that we had most of the basics down and that if we joined his club league team, that we’d be ahead of most of the other starter teams. He did say, though, that we don’t run much. Thats fair. We’re lazy. We know.

Enter one week ago. He came to play with us again. We marked out the field once again with the cones. A couple of high school kids from Milton played with far better throwing skillz than any of the rest of us. They were making poor passing choices, though, so they weren’t as much of a factor as they should have been. Thankfully. That could have been very embarassing. Three games later, I’m not sure I had ever run so much in a single afternoon of my life. It was as though everyone decided to play with their A-game and play seriously for once.

Enter two days ago. I am now signed up for the BUDA Summer Club League as part of the team named WiPP.

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