Transformers The Movie (2007)

At Botcon this past weekend, I had the unique opportunity to watch the Transformers Movie a week ahead of its release, surrounded by hardcore fans like me (though slightly more socially awkward). It was an unreal experience. The movie was amazing, but being in such an energetic crowd put it over the top. The first time Bumblebee transformed the crowd went nuts. They knew all the references and lines that were put in there from the original series and cheered whenever they heard them. And so did I! Tyrese was there, but that was not important. What was important was this movie and what it meant to all of us.

Today I have received four text messages from friends who have seen the new Transformers Movie.

Some of the messages include:

That ROCKED!!!

Oh wow. Its even better the second time.

U were rite. It was awesome

What really got to me, though, was the phone call I just received. It was my mom. My parents very rarely see movies, particularly my mom, but my sister had bought them tickets to the movie this evening and they went. My mom called me as soon as the movie let out. She loved it. Absolutely loved it. Despite it being two and a half hours, it felt like five minutes to her. She said it was the culmination of bringing me to all the comic book stores on my birthday each year when I was younger, of managing to find a transformer in the airport in Paris to bring back for me, of getting home in time to record that cartoon when I was so little to make sure I’d have 2 and a half hours of it on tape to watch over and over again (and I did!). She said it was surreal to see that cartoon we used to watch together when I was so young turn into this larger than life movie. And it really is.

I can’t even describe what the past week has been like for me, but the picture below sure helps.

Me and Prime

I am truly excited to be here right now.

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