Mudflap really means Erector

This past weekend, Thanh, Brendan and I went on a toy hunt for Brendan’s birthday. Among the items I purchased was this guy. Transformers Movie Mudflap.

While the figure comes in Movie line packaging, he fits more in line with the Transformers Universe Classics line. He seems to be a fairly well received repaint due to his likeness to G1 Micromaster Erector.

Things of note:

  • Cybertron Mudflap was a huge shelfwarmer. When Hasbro saw how many were lining shelves long after its release, they cancelled a planned repaint.
  • Erector was an Autobot, while this version of Mudflap is a Decepticon.
  • Erector was a micromaster figure. In the Transformers Classics line, the designers have taken a number of small figures and ‘remastered’ them in a manner of speaking to be larger figures.
    • Powerglide was a minibot in G1, yet is a Voyager class figure in the Classics line.
    • Stormcloud, the Powerglide repaint, was a micromaster jet in G1

Overall he’s a pretty nice repaint that makes more sense than the original did. I do want to make note, though, that his bio is a bit odd with his color scheme. I know thats a strange statement, but considering a figure whose primary colors are white and yellow, you’d think the bio would be a bit on the lighter side.

Mudflap long ago earned a reputation as one of the most vicious of the Decepticons, known for turning his molecule-edge saw on the weakened or disabled Autobot warriors. Little does anyone suspect, however, but his cruelty arises from his own conflicted feelings about the war. For ages, he has doubted the Decepticon cause, and secretly yearned to join the Autobots. His reputation is so monstrous that Optimus Prime would never trust him, and so he is condemned to continue serving Megatron, and taking out his frustration on his captives.

Don’t get me wrong, that is by far one of the best bios I’ve seen, but you’d think if this were to reflect the bio accurately he’d have some dirt and battle-damage paint apps or something. Not a big deal of course, more paint apps means more money to produce.

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