DropShot really means Flak

This is another figure I picked up on Brendan’s birthday hunt. His name is Decepticon DropShot.

The figure is a repaint of Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, one of my favorite molds from the end of the Transformers Cybertron line. He’s a pretty fun and posable figure with large feet that keep him stable and make it easy for him to stand. DropShot comes with a couple of missiles, a cybertron planet key, and one gun that fits in his fist and on a side panel when in vehicle mode.

Since the mold’s origin is from Transformers Cybertron, he has gimmicks that involve the Cyber Planet key that came with him. The right arm’s half of the tank turret flips out to reveal gun with a spring loaded barrel that flips forward to elongate the gun (see above). The other arm’s turret reveals two missile launchers with a pop-up sight. On the underside of each of these flip-out pieces is a small stem that aligns with the fist to make it look like they are handles. A lot of the promotional images of this figure show him holding his gun while one of the gimmicky-guns is flipped out of the turret on the same arm. This keeps the gun from flipping all the way out and aligning with his fist. Not really a mistransformation, but it doesn’t look quite right.

Hasbro has been doing a much better job when it comes to fan reception of repaints lately and that is mostly due to Joe Kyde, who I believe is in charge of repaints. Having been a part of the fandom for a long time, he uses a lot of color schemes from figures we’ve seen in other lines, primarily Generation One. He seems to have a strong affinity for Micromasters since several repaints of late have been based on Micromaster color schemes incuding Big Daddy, Movie Mudflap, Universe Stormcloud and in this case with Decepticon DropShot. DropShot bears a strong resemblence to Flak, a micromaster member of the Autobot Battle Patrol.

Here is the promo image for DropShot’s vehicle mode. Its pretty accurate and amazingly doesn’t look photoshopped for once.

It should also be noted that the turret can rotate a full 360 degrees.

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