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[UPDATE] It seems most of my images from this article have disappeared. I’ve written a more in depth article on this topic for Powet.TV anyway. You can see that here.

In my seemingly constant quest to unpack and sift through my things to try and make more room, I came across several items I did not think were still in my possession.

Pocket Power was available at retail in 1988 to 1989. The sets were made by Sega, but distributed by Tyco Toys (who were later absorbed by Mattel) in the United States. In a quest to find a listing of all the sets and any additional information available, I hit a wall. This was perhaps the first time I turned to the internet for a question and could not be answered. There is next to no information on Pocket Power. The following links were all I could muster from my search engine skills:

  • A very incomplete Pocket Power article at VirtualToyChest.
  • Amazon listing for Glo-Bones Pocket Power set
  • A listing of a dozen dangerous toys in 1989

    In 1989 the consumer group, Americans for Democratic Action published a list of deadly toys. The “Bakers Dirty Dozen” was found to be particularly hazardous to young children. It is important for us to recognize and avoid their danger.

    7. Pocket Power Rapid Fire
    Hand-Held Multi-Shot Target Gun – Tyco Industries

Then I found this blog post. While it doesn’t provide much in the way of information it had two images for, which, I was looking.

Pocket Wave 1:

Pocket Wave 2:

It seemingly looks like a complete listing in the images, but then the virtual toy chest entry shows skateboarder, a submarine and a Ferrari racer. Where are those? When did that come out? There is also I set that I own that is not in the listing. Was there a third less publicized wave?

Among the cache of Pocket Powers I found were:
Indy Racer
Squirt Gun
Survival Kit
The set I found that is missing from the above images was a Bowling Alley set.

I will have to take some pictures of the sets I found. If I get a chance to go home sometime in the near future I will also have to take a look in my parents’ basement to see if I still have the back of the packaging. I bet if I had that I’d find a lot more information. Particularly if I can find the bowling alley set’s card back. I kept most of that stuff, much to the occasional chagrin of my parents.

6 thoughts on “Pocket Power

  1. Ebay’s the only place i’ve been able to find them… right now there’s a few you don’t have though! Let me know if you change your mind… out of yours i’m after Roadblaster, Glo-Bones, Trick Squirt, Survival Kit and Bowling. Thanks for replying anyway, i realise this is an old post :)

  2. Yeah i saw that too but figured i’d have better chances of getting a reply on your personal site :)
    I was going to nick some of your pics (and credit you of course) for a simple resource site i’m doing – http://www.pocketpowertoys.com! (not much there right now but behind the scenes it’s getting there!
    I was wondering if you could maybe take some other pics of the ones i don’t have?
    Please email me if you have the time to discuss!

    PS i managed to track down a Survival Kit – one off the list!

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