Adventures in Stuffing

No. I didn’t actually stuff anything, but I did make some stuffing.

Allow me to elaborate.

I had some leftover fish and chips from Sunday. There was not a lot there, but it would be enough if I made a little something else. This sounded like a perfect opportunity to make some Stove Top Stuffing I had bought at the market a few weeks ago and just never had the chance to make. I realized my measuring glass never made it out of the Brighton House with me, but fortunately I had a full set of measuring cups. I measured out the water and put it on to boil, put in the half stick of margarine and let it sit for a bit. As I added the contents of the packet, I couldn’t believe how much was coming out of the single pack. I tried it mix it as best I could as it just got thicker and thicker. I let it sit for a bit longer while I checked the box. As it turns out, a single packet is actually six servings.

Talk about getting served.

I ate an entire bowl of stuffing, since I had eaten the fish and chips while I was making the stuffing. The bowl seemed like a lot to me, but there was still at least twice that left in the pot. I put it in a container and threw it in the fridge for later. Not sure how I’ll reheat it without a microwave, but it sure was easy to make on the stove.

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