Two Thighs One Rulk

Today I opened up four Hasbro Marvel Legends figures. You have to say Hasbro Marvel Legends because the line used to be run by Toy Biz. Some people disavowed the line because of several changes made by Hasbro when they took over. The first wave from Hasbro was also very poor and set a very low bar. I happen to like several of the changes Hasbro has made since, but that is neither here nor there.


These are Target exclusives that are part of a larger wave of six figures. Each figure in the wave comes with a piece to a larger figure that you can assemble, if you find all the figures. This larger figure is referred to as a Build-A-Figure (BAF). This Target exclusive wave’s BAF is the Red Hulk, sometimes referred to as Rulk by a whole new generation of lazy. Silver Savage and Adam Warlock each came with a leg to this figure. The torso comes with a figure I do not have just yet. So I stood the two legs next to each other on my desk and something looked odd.

It took me a minute to figure it out, but note how both thighs open toward the right. Yep, both my left and right legs have right thighs. If you look closely inside the opening of the thigh, you note that both have markings that say R2.

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That shouldn’t be. If they were two unique pieces, they would not be labeled the same.


Now I need to find someone who just wanted the Adam Warlock figure and doesn’t want their Rulk leg. Hopefully this is just a fluke and not common.

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