Recently, I had two different friends (Joe and Christy) send me invites to I found it curious how two people who are from completely different circles from my life sent me invites to the same site within a week or so of each other. Curious enough that I joined. The timing was impeccable since I was ensconced reading Dune and completely in the book mentality. I’ve come to really like this site and its interface. Everything is very simple and straightforward. It allows you to organize your books using tags, which are also cleverly called shelves. It doesn’t force any sort of order on your shelves and allows you complete freedom to use or not use shelves.

If any one likes to read, they should definitely check out this book-focused social networking site. I’ve already sent invites to my mom and sister.

Flash Game of the Week: The Space Game

Ok, we’re not really doing this weekly anymore, but I just cannot stop playing this game. I blame this mostly on Zac for showing this to me in the middle of a POWETcast, but its a damn good game. Its a strategy tower defense type game. More similar to Supreme Commander than Starcraft, in that you have to manage the growth of your energy reserves along with the mining capacity all while trying to fend of enemy pirate ships. Good stuff. I might recommend going through the tutorial since I just jumped right in and was pretty lost at first.

The Space Game.