Surprise! I'm 29.

This post has been saved as a draft for almost a year now. Oops! Thank goodness I cut my hair, though!

I’m still a little shellshocked from the surprise weeks later. I was truly touched at both the number of people that came out and how well kept a secret this turned out to be.

Wishlist kind of updated

I updated my wishlist at the request of some friends. Ignore the ‘Older Stuff’ section. I need to clean that up.

Most of the update was me crossing things out that I had bought myself over the past year. I didn’t really add that much either. There’s just not a lot I’m looking for right now that I can think of off the top of my head, except maybe a TV that doesn’t give me eyestrain.

I seem to be a lot more interested these days in things I want to achieve, rather than things I want to acquire. I suppose thats a good thing.

I will add that between my apartment, lack of car, work and self-imposed responsibilities, I haven’t had much time to hang out with friends, which is pretty disappointing. Hopefully, we can remedy that before the summer is out.

Jim Lee's X-Men door poster

I just discovered that earlier this week marked the release of a recolored door poster by Jim Lee. Not just any door poster, mind you, but the door poster to end all door posters. This was one of many posters Jim Lee did when the second adjective-less X-Men book debuted in the 90’s featuring his artwork. I must find this, frame it, and mount it post haste. Now if only they would recolor and release the other posters he did from that time like the Magneto, Original X-Men, Things to Come and poolside posters!

Catching up on Conventions

It has been a topsy turvy past couple of weeks.

The weekend before last (May 28th – June 1st) was Botcon 2009 and the weekend before that was AnimeBoston 2009.

There is lots to catch up on and I will do my best of it.

This is actually my week for a Powet video. I will be covering the convention exclusives from Botcon, but its been really tight to put everything together so quickly after the convention.

More later. I need to post the video to YouTube now!

Flash Game of the Week: The Space Game

Ok, we’re not really doing this weekly anymore, but I just cannot stop playing this game. I blame this mostly on Zac for showing this to me in the middle of a POWETcast, but its a damn good game. Its a strategy tower defense type game. More similar to Supreme Commander than Starcraft, in that you have to manage the growth of your energy reserves along with the mining capacity all while trying to fend of enemy pirate ships. Good stuff. I might recommend going through the tutorial since I just jumped right in and was pretty lost at first.

The Space Game.