HD stands for High Definition

High Definition is an understatement of what this camera is capable of achieving. It has taken nearly six months to get this camera, but I expect the results to be well worth it. I charged it up last night and hope to experiment with some of the myriad features some night this week. I combed through the accessories and was pleased with the cable options, remote, etc. It even has a stylus. I have no idea for what, but I’ll figure that out soon. I equate the lens hood to the spoiler and racing stripes that it didn’t necessarily need, but make it look so much cooler. Needless to say my level of excitement is as high as the definition.

2 thoughts on “HD stands for High Definition

  1. I’ll have to follow ehat you think on this. I may soon be in the market for a Camcorder of this level. Been considering the similar Panasonic camccorder but Canon may be worth checking into. A couple of things I would love to know is how it does with a long term recording. My main use would be for recording some live performances in my area that last at least an hour or more. I’ve been using a nice MiniDV based Panasonic camera and tapes work great at this length. I have a DSLR that does HD video but it only redcords in 10 minute chunks and has issues with overheating the sensor for longer record periods.

    • One of the nice things about this camera is the dual slots for SD cards.

      As you record, if the harddrive fills up, it will kick over to one of the cards. If that fills up it will kick over to the other card.
      I believe I read in a review somewhere that while it has the capacity to record for more than 24 hours in a single shot, it will limit it to that.
      Thats all in theory of course. I hope to have time to do some actual experimentation with it soon.

      You also have a few different options to record with the cards. You can have the camera record to one and kick over to the next when full, or record to both for an automatic redundant copy.

      For live performances, this might be a decent choice with its low light capability.

      I’ll try some stuff out and post it hopefully.

      Thanks for reading the blog.

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