Flash Game of the Week: Awful

I don’t really know what this game is called. Its all in another language that I don’t know, but my keen intellect translates its name to Awful. Really, thats sums up my feelings for this game. Its pretty intuitive, so have a go at it. Just try to keep your fury to a minimum. It is, after all, just a flash game.


Flash Game of the Week: Street Fighter Online

This week brings us a very cool game. Street Fighter Online allows you to actually play other people online as actual Street Fighter or Marvel characters. I wasn’t able to get the online part to work because I wasn’t forwarding the proper port on my router, but I did play the story mode for a little bit and I it was hard, but lots of fun. As you progress in the story you can unlock more characters. Among the initial characters were Cyclops, Wolverine, Ryu and a few others. It looked like some of the unlockable players included Juggernaut, Iron Man, Spider-man and many more cool characters you might not expect like Onslaught and Sentinel. I did have to install the latest version of Shockwave for this to work, but overall the game was very entertaining and has plenty of replay value.

Street Fighter Online

Flash Game of the Week: Brain Strainer

I have been rather negligent in my procrastination responsibilities lately, but I was sent this link today and couldn’t resist posting it. The Brain Strainer is essentially a create-your-own-Rube-Goldberg-device in order to launch the rocket. The more steps your ball has to go through to hit the launch button, the greater the chance your score will be high enough to get it to lift off. I have not been able to launch the rocket yet and I’ve been playing for the past hour or so. I’d say this game should take up a respectable portion of your work/school day.