Getting hosed by

So i order a new case on on August 22nd, 2004 as a birthday gift to myself.
This is the case I ordered: Goth case

I call a month later asking where my case is after nothing being entered in their tracking system on their website and the case still being listed as ‘in stock’ in its listing. They say its on back order. Should come in next week. I call next week. The parts are in they just have to be assembled and shipped. Another month goes by with no notice of the status of my order whatsoever. I call, email, and try their live support with no success to get through. I finally leave a message on their voicemail. I get an email saying the parts arrived damaged and were unshippable and that I should try to substitute for another case. I tell them i’m willing to substitute for this case. They want more money for it.

I sent the following email to them:

I do not mind paying the extra 9 dollars to cover the cost of the new
case and foregoing any accessories I originally ordered. At this point
all I want is the case in a timely fashion. However, I would like the
shipping and handling fee waived.

At no point was I alerted, during this entire transaction, what the
status of my order was until after I contacted you. I placed this order
over two months ago. Had I known, the original case was on back order
sooner, I would have chosen a substitute. Instead of being alerted of this
right away, I heard nothing at all. When I called a month after
ordering, I was told they were expected in the next week. When I called the
next week I was told the parts had arrived and just needed to be
assembled and shipped. At no point was I alerted of any damage to the product.

I received no word for another 4 weeks before I was forced to call
again, at which time I was told the case I had paid for already, was no
longer available. I have been checking your order status section on your
site from the beginning and it has never been updated until after I
called each time, inquiring why I had not received my case yet.

I am currently two months behind on a project now, that could have been
avoided had I been notified as to the status of my order in a timely
manner. You have failed to notify me in any way on 2 separate occasions.
Up until 2 weeks ago, your website still listed the original case as
being in stock, when it was not even in stock when I ordered 2 months

This has been a terrible ordering experience and I am extremely
displeased as a paying customer. I ordered on this site because I have ordered
cases in the past with little to no trouble at all.

If the shipping and handling fee cannot be waived, I would like a full


I sent that to 3 days ago. I received another email from someone in billing noting the discrepancy of the nine additional dollars I paid and the 34 dollar ‘difference’ they cited that I should have paid. So i resent that email to the person in billing.

I am totally getting hosed.

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