Edward 40-Hands

In the true nature of the house I live in, my housemates created a new drinking game while in the packy looking for booze on Friday evening.

Edward 40-Hands.

I’m sure there are worse drinking games, but I have yet to play them. In this, as soon as I walked in the door, someone duct-taped a 40oz Bud Light to each of my hands. Noone could remove them until both had been finished. Knowing how low my tolerance is, that was already a bad idea, but since I came in late everyone was done with their first when I started. Man down.

I finished the first, but not before they did shots and someone had to pour the shot into my mouth. Once I finished the first, I tore the duct tape off with my teeth and put the untouched 40 back in the fridge. I was already drunk, no sense getting myself sick at the beginning of the weekend.

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