Mailboxes etc


This is the hole in the wall where our mailboxes used to be. Mine didn’t have a lock, some others were falling apart and I am pretty sure it was older than I am. Good riddance, I say. The new management is really trying to fix things up and I am quite delighted about it. You know, aside from the fact they just cashed 8 months worth of rent that the previous management could not be bothered with. One funny thing about this picture is that it shows there used to be a wood panelled wall there that they just built another wall in front of. Gotta love urban remodeling.

Halloween 2008

Another year, another celebration of All Hallows’ Eve. Our annual Halloween party took place at The Point, a bar just behind the Bell in Hand in Fanuel Hall. It was a much more intimate venue and worked much better for us this year than the huge hall we had last year. If it had been just slightly larger and just been our friends, I think it would have been perfect. That being said, it was a blast. There were unsurprisingly several Sarah Palin costumes and only one Joker costume. There were certainly some creative costumes like the hot air balloonist, the pedophile, Roger and Jessica Rabbit and the Powerpuff Girls. Two larger groups had themes. Dave, Max, Nate, Jamie, Amy, and several others went with a monopoly theme. Dave was the monopoly guy. Amy was Chance. Jamie was Community Chest. Nate was Go. And Max, well, Max was a thimble. I think he would have had an easier time selling himself as humpty dumpty.

The other group costume was using the Celtics theme. Davidson and I were Brian Scalabrine and Scott Pollard, respectively, the only two white guys on the Celtics this past year, both of whom sat on the bench throughout the playoffs. Some of the girls dressed up as Celtics dancers and Duke dressed up as Gino because everybody was a winner.

It was a challenge to have a costume with no pockets, but it made things interesting. And yes, I brought my own coozie for my beer bottles. I’m just that awesome.

I have amazingly already posted my pictures here.

Happy Halloween!

Water Damage

As several people who have seen my new apartment can attest, there is some water damage in my ceiling. It was there when I first saw the apartment, but I was told that it would be repaired and fixed by the time I moved in. That never happened. A month later, nothing has happened to see it repaired. I saw the Super the other day and asked him to stop by and he said he would as soon as he was done with what he was working on. Needless to say, he did not show up. He’s a busy guy. I understand this and he has a lot of apartments to look after, but this is severe damage that is going to lead to mold if it already hasn’t. So I just left him the following friendly note:


I have had severe water damage to my ceiling since I moved in. I pointed it out to you, but I haven’t heard back at all. It is still actively dripping water and I saw a mouse poke its head through the hole in the center of the damage. I was hoping you could take a look at it before it gets any worse. I’d like to get this repaired and patched as soon as possible before the winter snow comes to make things worse.
I’m available nearly every weeknight between 6pm and 9pm to show you the damage. I think its caused by the cable utility box outside my window. I’ll show you when you stop by.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can reach me at ###-###-####.

Thanks in advance,

## XXXXXX Ave.
Apt ###

I folded the note and taped it to his door. He had said that if I had a problem to just leave him a note if it wasn’t urgent. I really want to resolve this in an amicable way. I’m going to give him plenty of time to respond, but I need this ball rolling. If I do not hear back from him by the time I have to send in my next rent check (sent one in today), I am including a copy of this letter, pictures of the damage and a brief summary of events leading up to this point. If nothing still, perhaps the mayor’s office would like some good publicity. It will only take one inspector to look at it before the fines start rolling in.

Getting Domesticated

As I sit here, waiting for my toilet bowl to disinfect, I’m finding myself becoming more domesticated. Now that I have moved in by myself, I’m the sole keeper of this domain and as I look around I’m now seeing little things that may not be broken, but I think could be made better. So I’ve set into motion a few minor projects to make things a little better. Today’s project involves cleaning the toilet. The toilet bowl was a bit gross. I picked up some cleaner yesterday with one of those angled tops so you can squirt it under the rim of the bowl. Naturally as soon as I tipped it upside down, the cleaning agent poured out of the sides of the spout and right into the toilet water instead of coming out of the spout aimed below the rim. Clearly the seal was very poor around the nozzle. Wonderful. The next ten minutes were spent swirling the toilet water around the bowl with my newly purchased toilet brush and scrubbing the crap out of the sides of the toilet. Literally! I’ll spare the pictures, but I’m supposed to let it sit for about 10 minutes before I can flush it again.

My life has become so exciting.

Among some of the other items I picked up for the house was a new garbage receptacle since I think I have a little mouse. This way it won’t eat through my garbage bags. I actually watched the little bastard jump into the higher bag I setup. At least this way, the opening is high and covered. As for the mouse, I bought a humane mouse trap that won’t kill it, but will make it significantly easier than me chasing him around the apartment like Wile E. Coyote chasing after the Road Runner like I did in Braintree (odd, I was going to link to the post I had made about that, but now can’t find it). Lastly, I bought a hair stopper, which is just a plastic strainer that you put over the shower drain to prevent much hair going down. My shower was missing a drain plug and was just one big whole, so I needed to put something there. I was getting tired of being paranoid about my hair washing down the drain and having to call the super to have a plumber come and unclog my drain.

Birthday 2008 Part 2: The Cake was not a lie

Day 2 started with me groggily getting out of bed, grabbing my work laptop and heading into the basement. An hour later, I had the network back up with access to the internet. Unfortunately, I ended up having to reset my router causing me to lose all of my security settings and MAC addresses for each laptop allowed on our network. Fortunately, I wrote most of them down in my little black book. This was followed by futzing around a bit online, checking e-mail, message boards and news sites, then starting to do a little packing.
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Birthday 2008 Part 1: The Big Haul

Year to year, I have to admit, I’ve had some pretty good birthdays.

Part of this might be due to summer weather or no school or one of a dozen other reasons.

Last year kind of sucked. Things were pretty busy and I didn’t think about it until it was too late to plan anything. Rather than do nothing at home by myself on my birthday, I just figured I’d come into work. It didn’t occur to me how many people on the team would be on vacation or that most of the rest would forget, but work I did that day with little to no mention of a birthday. I ended up needing to stay late to work on something to top it all off.

Not this year. This year I promised myself something better. In talks with Davidson, he had mentioned a friend of his doing a variation of a pub crawl, but something slightly more geeky. Geek happens to be my specialty. About a month ahead of time, I sent an email out to all of my very geeky friends. I outlined a two day event of epic proportions to herald this grand celebration of my birth.

On Saturday, August 16th, we would go to Randolph and catch a movie and from there move along the Red Line hitting up the New England Comics in Quincy and Harvard Sq., Newbury Comics in its multiple locations and top it off with Comikazi in Davis Square. Afterwards, we would grab some dinner and retire for the night.

On Sunday the 17th (my actual birthday), we would get an early morning toy run to Toy Vault in before heading back to the house, where we would then play Mario Kart Wii, Smash Bros. Brawl and Rock Band until all hours of the night while grilling up some food.

Things didn’t go quite according to plan.
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Toying with the idea

I have this semi-new self-imposed rule that I have to take a picture of any new toys in package before I open it. This is for several reasons. It gives me less incentive to hold on to the packaging for future reference. It also allows me to build an easy to access image archive of toys I own. At the moment, its fairly unorganized and while I do have plans for them in the future, there is no immediate need to organize them. Naturally I’m not going to be motivated to do this without a valid need to do so. Along these lines, I’ve also been considering just uploading them to this site’s gallery for more content. This would also give me the added incentive to organize the collection of images.

One of the downsides to my system is that the boxed and carded toys tend to stack up in large piles before I get the opportunity to actually photograph and open them. I have never been forced to notice this to such a degree that I have been forced to open nearly everything that I don’t already have open, until recently. As I slowly pack my room for my move September 1st, I am only just now realizing just how many toys I never got around to opening. Its a truly staggering revelation.

Time to go open some more toys and immediately pack them.



I sent this email to my roommates yesterday (except with a lot more typos):

Subject: Please Stop
To: My Roommates
From: Bradley J.

Each morning at approx. 05:45 my alarm goes off, I wake up and turn it off. Most mornings, this is quickly followed by immediately rolling over and falling asleep again for about 20 minutes. I groggily grab my towel as I stumble into the bathroom. I do not bother opening my eyes all the way as I enter. The reason for this is three-fold. It is entirely too bright when I turn the light on for my currently active night vision. I will also be immediately forced to start rubbing my eyes due to the those morning eye krispies in the corners of my eyes. This also gives me the benefit of not seeing any number insects crawling about the floor as I disrobe and brush my teeth in the partial nude.

About two weeks ago, after performing this normal routine, I then sidled over between the bathtub and toilet, pulled the shower curtain to one side and carefully gripped the cold water knob. As I delicately placed the proper amount of pressure on the knob to make certain it was not spinning freely, I quickly turned the knob and moved my hand to the other knob. During this action, the water immediately turned on and like a firehose in my face, I came to the realization that someone had turned the showerhead toward the toilet instead of its default position of straight across. In complete surprise I nearly fell back onto the toilet, but I was able to regain my balance and quickly grabbed the cold water knob and fumbled to turn it off as it spun freely. I gave up and reached to move the showerhead to an acceptable position.

I stood there, completely soaked, water all over the floor in quiet spite.

I recomposed myself and took my shower.

This has happened four times since.

The first time was a fluke. The second through fifth times I was bushwacked!

I’m not pointing fingers. I don’t even want to know who is doing this. All I ask is that this near-daily ambush stop.

Thanks in advance.

Your grumpy roommate,

Bradley J.

AnimeBoston 2008

Another year, another variation of the costume.

Time Jump Sasuke

AnimeBoston came early this year. March 21-23.

Brenna came to town again for the con. Friday, the first day of the con was her 23rd birthday. Naturally, we celebrated, but one thing at a time. I have posted a not so brief summary of the week/weekend after the jump, but if you are only interested in seeing the pictures, you can check out the gallery here.
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