Cheers to BoA

Cheers to Bank of America for changing all of the old Fleet atms to their own.

Now when I go to withdraw money, I no longer have to see Millie Gonzalez Fleet Employee’s fat face anymore. This woman is a gorilla in the mist and has made my atm usage over the years an unpleasant experience. God forbid I need to deposit some checks AND withdraw some cash, because then I have to see that fucking woman’s ugly face for every transaction I make. Millie probably hasn’t worked for Fleet for 6 years. I’m sure she got her pink slip with a smile and a box to pack up her shit and get the hell out of there.

Normally when Marketing puts a face to a company they want it to be someone attractive or someone the public finds pleasant or relatable, and not some gorilla looking woman that looks like she should be in a WWE wrestling ring fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Thanks for having ‘Higher Standards’, Bank of America!

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