Summer Gatherings: Step One

Demona and I have been talking about this for a while and collecting data.

We are organizing a gathering during the summer sometime based around one of the many summer anime conventions. We have knowledge that the Transformer Convention this year won’t be until the fall, so we thought it’d be good to keep a summer gathering going even though most of us will be going to the Transformers Con later in the year. Most of us always say we should get together more than once a year, so Demona and I thought we’d supply the opportunity.

Its amazing how motivated people can be when there is a tangible outcome to what is being worked on. Now I just have to think of some tangible project for us to work on that is highly profitable. Mike even already volunteered to admin the servers and systems assuming we have a cool coffee machine.

Anyway threads for the gatherings are here:
Information and feedback
and here:

One thought on “Summer Gatherings: Step One

  1. Actually, the con will be when weather won’t be a huge deal… so its going to be winter or early spring.. fall weather is still 95+ degrees :)

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