Firefox Death Pool extension

There’s a new firefox extension in town.

The Terri Schiavo Status Bar extension.

This should be easily modified for anyone participating in an office death pool. If I were in one, I’d totally have dibs on the pope.

10 thoughts on “Firefox Death Pool extension

  1. Jesse Jackson’s not on my list.

    Though House Majority Leader DeLay who spearheaded the last minute push in congress to save her, ironically, made the same decision as Mr. Schiavo to pull the plug, on his mother several years ago. Little fun fact from the morning paper.

    Got anyone on your list?

  2. which list? a death pool? no not really. I was pretty suprised by Johnnie going recently, but the obvious ones never go, they just linger on forever and then someone like John Ritter goes and no one sees it coming.

  3. Wow, so the pope actually did die only days after I made this post. I thought he’d last longer than that, especially after they wanted to put him on a feeding tube and whatnot.

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