Garbage Live Broadcast

Tonight, at Avalon, Garbage is playing. Unfortunately by the time I found out they were having a concert, the show was already sold out. Its too bad that WBCN, the local rock station in Boston, doesn’t have an RSS feed for stuff like that because I really would have like to have gone. Especially since I am working from home anyway tomorrow due to the running of the Annual Boston Marathon. Anyway, I found out this week that WBCN is going to record the concert and rebroadcast it on Thursday at noon.

They usually post audio of interviews with bands and stuff on their website, but I’ve never seen them post a full concert that they’ve re-aired. So now I’m trying to figure out how to record the broadcast since I’ll be at work and I’m not even certain I have the right stuff to do it with.
Can anybody help me out with this or give me some suggestions?


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