E3 Roundup

E3 hasn’t even ended and there have already been astounding announcements made by all the console makers for their next generation consoles.

Live report from Launch Panel


Pics and Live coverage of Launch Panel

Nintendo Revolution
(the biggest surprise of all!)
Live coverage from Nintendo Panel
Revolution: What we know thus far
UPDATE: Multiple colors!

Nintendo Gameboy Micro

GBM: What we know thus far
Better Picture
UPDATE: More pictures, More Colors and styles

All in all everything was rather impressive. Interesting that SquareEnix went with Microsoft for FFXI. The GBM looks like it might be the best GB yet. I’m seriously considering getting one. In fact I’m seriously considering buying everything except an XBox360. The PS3 backward compatibility sold me, but it really does have the most impressive specs. The Revolution really surprised me. I was impressed how much they are trying to appeal to developers with innovation and not necesarily impressive specs. The kicker is the fact that they are making the entire NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube libraries playable on this console in some way. I was blown away by that when I read it and it totally sold me. Even if I don’t buy a single Revolution game, the ability to play all those other games is astounding. Heck I got a GBA:SP just to play pokemon and the NES Classic Super Mario Brothers.

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