Baltimore has crabs.

Got back late last night from Baltimore.

Had a blast. Jeff and I went to the Red Sox/Orioles games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday was torrential down pours by the top of the seventh inning, when they called the rain delay and eventually called the game at an end robbing us of our rally. I was not under any cover unfortunately and was drenched. We made it to a bar across town and grabbed a bite to eat, while one kid came over and was friendly with us and talked about the sox. Later another kid came over and harassed us because of the Sox. Whatever, he was a Phillies fan. I guess he needs something to keep his attention since his team isn’t doing anything of interest. He was also an Eagles fan. I really don’t know why he admitted either of those facts to us, since our teams in both sports are at the top at the moment.

Friday, we walked around and killed time til the 7pm game. We saw lots of crabs, red sox fans, and one John Olerud (defensive First baseman for the red sox). Good times were had including one freestyling bum who rapped about the sox, my beard and jeff’s sunglasses. We were handing him money before he was even done. That guy was awesome. We went to the game early and got to go right up to the side of the field and take pictures of the Red Sox during batting practice and the pitchers getting ready in the outfield near the bullpen. The game itself was the best one of the 3 we attended. There was one Orioles fan in our entire section and he was loud too. It made for some quality entertainment with all the rowdy Red Sox fans in attendance. It really was a Red Sox Nation invasion. Everywhere you looked you saw people decked out in Red Sox gear. Not even just at Camden Yards, but everywhere in Baltimore. It might have had something to do with the fact that it was cheaper to go to Baltimore and pay for 3 game tickets and it was still less than one ticket for a single game at Fenway fetches these days. We went out after the game to the Power Plant which was just a closed in area of a whole bunch of different bars. I was still in my Red Sox gear so I was getting a lot of love from all the Sox guys and a lot of hate from all the Orioles girls. The grey goose was flying high so I guess it wasn’t an issue. On the way home a bum jumped out in the middle of a street to hail a cab for us and blocked it whereever it turned til it stopped and let us in. This was the second bum in as many days to really earn the money I gave him. Props to the Baltimore bums. You have more imagination than those in Boston. Opening a door for me does not get you a dollar.

Saturday we slept in, since we got to bed so late. We got up and packed all of our stuff, then checked out. From there we headed to the game. It was a scorcher, fortunately we were under the cover of the middle deck tier so we were in the shade. Camden Yards really is a beautiful ball park. There are no obstructed views that I could see anywhere. Sadly, it was a bad day for Johnny Damon who gave up two errors which led to a 9-1 Red Sox loss. Matos made an amazing catch over the wall robbing David Ortiz of a homerun which would have cut the deficit in half. Alas, it was not their game to win.

The trip back was fairly uneventful, which isn’t necesarily a bad thing.

Quite a good weekend overall, I’d say. I’ll post pictures when I can.

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