Yak Shaving

One of things that many people are mystified by about me is my train of thought. It can be rather erratic at times making me seem completely random. I won’t lie, it causes great hilarity in many a stiuation. I thought I’d start a new category of entries to show just how erratic my thoughts really are. And really what better name for the category than Yak Shaving?

Here are the steps that led me to make this post.

  1. Get home and sign on to a site that I pay a membership for and check my messages.
  2. Note to myself that I need to renew my membership because it expires a couple days before my birthday next week.
  3. I’m leaving for Otakon the day after my birthday.
  4. I still haven’t finished putting together my cosplay outfit. What am I going to do for shoes?
  5. The character I’m cosplaying as is training to be a ninja.
  6. Open Ebay and search for ‘Sneaker Shoe Toe’ because his shoes are essentially open toed sneakers.
  7. One of the results returned is this pair of sneakers, which isn’t far off from what I need.
  8. Also in the search results is this pair of shoes.
  9. These sneakers totally rock. I look for them in my size.
  10. Try the Nike.com site to no avail, but it reminds me of an article on Wired.com I saw earlier today.
  11. I go and read said article, which makes me go back to Ebay and resume my search.
  12. These end up being the only pair really in my size. Save to my watching/bidding list.
  13. I realize I shouldn’t be frivolously buying sneakers on ebay when I can’t try them on and have other things I actually need to buy like a new router for the house.
  14. Still need to order that new router. Go to Newegg.com
  15. Find the router I’ll most likely be buying and save to shopping cart, then realize I’ll save on shipping if I get a couple other things.
  16. Find 2 gigabit network adapters and also see the monitor I bought a few months ago dropped another $40 down to $300. A steal for the size and specs. Save all to shopping cart.
  17. Wait, how did I go from checking my messages to nearly spending $400 on tech?
  18. I gotta blog this!

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