Modern Day History Lessons

Wandering aimlessly from youTube video to youTube video, as I do often, I came across the most fascinating series of clips that I have found yet. I sat there for all ten minutes of the first clip, absolutely enthralled by what this man had to say. He is a 94 year old World War 2 veteran who lived in Japan in the 50’s. In these clips, he recalls what Japan was like in the post-war era and a lot of his interaction with the Japanese while living there. He also talks a great deal about a great friendship he made with one of his former enemies. I am absolutely humbled by watching these.

The video I first came to was the 5th in this series. It can be found here. I watched all of the others and so should you.

This is what youTube was made for, and this is what keeps it going…that and a lot of young girls that like to dance in front of a camera to whatever music they can find.

Here are the other clips from that series:

I hope I live half as interesting a life as this man.

Yak Shaving

One of things that many people are mystified by about me is my train of thought. It can be rather erratic at times making me seem completely random. I won’t lie, it causes great hilarity in many a stiuation. I thought I’d start a new category of entries to show just how erratic my thoughts really are. And really what better name for the category than Yak Shaving?

Here are the steps that led me to make this post.
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