Wizard World Boston 2005

The first Wizard World Boston took place this past weekend at the Bayside Expo. I was fortunate enough to make it out there on Saturday accompanied, once again, by Brendan and Thanh. I definitely geeked out within like 5 minutes of walking into the main room. Too much at once. I had to regain my composure and followed their lead. There was lots of stuff on display, all of which I wanted. Everything you can imagine remotely related to comic books, anime, or science fiction was there for sale. Lou Ferrigno was there. He was the original incredible hulk from the tv series. That guy is HUGE. The vein sticking out of his bicep could have kicked my ass. Margot Kidder was also there. She was Lois Lane in the original Superman movies. When we walked by she was taking a picture with a big black guy dressed as Superman in tights and all. I wish I had brought my camera, especially after we walked by the lovely Eliza Dushku (several times). She’s a little shorter than I thought she’d be, though I think most celebrities are like that. We have a tendency to paint them as larger than life. She’s a local girl. She grew up in Watertown.

Anywho here’s some of the cool schwag I got:

I think the thing I was happiest to get was the Middleton print and signed no less. I’m becoming a fan of his art. I now have to figure out how to hang the movie posters without damaging them, though I think I have an idea.

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