HMO Bad!

Last night, I went over to my parents house after work. I knew my room would most likely flood, so I checked in on it first and it wasn’t too bad. Of course, it got much worse, but thankfully I wasn’t there to worry about it. Instead, I engaged in thoughtful analysis of health and dental plans with my father after an excellent home cooked meal from my mom.

You see, when we transitioned to this new company, I fell through every crack possible because I was still technically contract when we were bought out. So one of the cracks I fell through was the election of my new benefits. This unfortunate circumstance left me with no dental coverage and the most minimal health plan possible.

One of the things I picked up from this engaging session of insurance comparison were the overbearing and controlling nature of HMO’s. While they are a little cheaper, they totally make all the decisions for you and you have little say in most of the matters. That was the informative part of this post.

After all was said and done I felt like we carefully weighed every option. I now have dental and health insurance.

It felt like I was picking a pokemon to fight some other pokemon or something. Water is good against fire. Fire is good against wood. Wood is good against water. sort of.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plus PPO, I choose you!

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