Black Friday 2005

Things I learned from Black Friday this year at Best Buy.

  • If other people know you are going to stand in line, they will invariably ask you to pick something up for them too.
  • If doors open at 5am and you get in line at 1:40am, you will still not be close enough to the door to qualify for the really good deals everyone wants.
  • No matter how many layers of clothes you wear, you will still lose feeling in your feet.
  • While waiting in line, dozens of asians will cut you in line and when confronted will pretend not to understand english.
  • People become irrationally furious and violent when said asians cut in line at 4:30 in the morning.
  • The cops can’t do much when everyone ignores them.
  • When the doors open, unless you are close to the front of the line you will most likely not get in for another half hour at the very least. (we were close to the front.)
  • Once you are in, you cannot stop moving or you will be trampled.
  • The section of the store that 90% of the crowds want to go to will be roped off because they would be shoplifted into bankruptcy.
  • The one heavily discounted item that you came for will be blocked off by the line waiting to enter said section of store.
  • People become just as irrationally furious and violent in the store as they were outside the store if they feel you are cutting them in line. Even if you are just getting an item off a shelf they are blocking.
  • Once you finally make it to said item, you will watch someone pick up the last one, with no hope of the store having any more.
  • If you ask 5 different people where a sale item is, you will get 5 different responses and none of them will actually be right.
  • and finally, after you are outside the store and walking to your car with your purchased items, you will come to the realization that you could have gone in to the store at 11am and bought all the same items at all the same prices with a lot more sleep and a lot less aggravation.

Maybe next year.

One thought on “Black Friday 2005

  1. Your a brave person to attemp that. I avoid black firday mornings becuase of those very things. So what were your trying to get?

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