You've Got Mail Part 1

I went home for the first night of Hannukah Sunday evening. My parents mentioned that they were going away for a couple days and had noone to take in the mail for them. Believing this to be an attempt to guilt me into the task, I headed off any turmoil and preemptively volunteered on the condition that I get a reminder. I foolishly assumed this reminder would be in the form of a quick email, as everyone pretty much knows thats the best way to get in touch with me when I’m not traveling. Today, I received the reminder in question on my voicemail. Today also happens to be the day, they return from their trip.

Now this wouldn’t normally be a huge deal. Just another case of the occasionally loveable son goofing up again where I shrug my shoulders with a big grin on my face and say ‘How did that happen?’ That won’t happen this time, mostly because thats what happened last time. More to the point, when I volunteered for the task, my mother asked and I quote, “You’re not going to forget again, like last time, are you?”

Oh, Yes. This is going to go well. So now, I’m going to leave work early and hope to beat them home so I can bring in the mail.

Damn you, Verizon and your awful voicemail notifier!

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