Two years worth of leftovers

It is time to clean out the fridge when you go to put some leftovers in it and find leftovers dating back to the previous year.

2 Years of Leftovers

Might be hard to make out but they say, from top to bottom:

Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Pasta

Looks like its time to switch back to the pizza.

7 thoughts on “Two years worth of leftovers

  1. I find the date format style change interesting. What pushed you over to the “dot” format? I mean, besides being tres chic, it lists the most important part of the date first, that being the year.
    Rattlesnake Pasta, of course, is always in vogue.

  2. [Long-winded Explanation]
    The CCYY.MM.DD format for dates is my default format of writing dates. I used the standard MM/DD/CCYY format because I try to be very aware of how much I geek in public. I happened to slip the most recent time.

    I use the CCYY.MM.DD format more for my personal stuff because, primarily, I label a lot of files and folders with dates, particularly with photos uploaded from my camera, and versioning files. Computers obviously do not sort the standard date format properly in non-date fields. Using the different format allows me to sort the directory holding all the folders with uploaded photos in chronological order, for example.

    It is also a far easier format to understand. I studied abroad in Australia for about 5 months and the standard format there is DD/MM/CCYY. This caused me great confusion because it wasn’t what I was used to, but I liked how it made more sense. The two standard formats in this case were too similar, so I flipped the one that made more sense, so it was obvious the year came first alerting the reader immediately that this was not a normal format and keeping them from guessing which was the date and which was the month.

    So my use of the format is a partial result of culture shock and computer experience.

    [/Long-winded Explanation]

  3. I think it’s because people like to write the date like they’d say it. So like “January 24th 2005” becomes 01-24-2005 which is just a retarded way to write it. I’m more used to 24-01-2005 which is possibly the Canadian way or possibly the French way. I can never tell… just know that’s what I learned in school.

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