News from the future


And so it begins. After much persuasion from my friends and family, I type this update from my brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That’s right. I got a smartphone. I can’t really say that I feel smart though.


I picked it up during my lunch break on Monday. I walked in with the intention of just asking a few questions about data plans, but in the end it just made sense to pull the trigger then and there. This post is being written from the WordPress app on my phone. What a grand experiment. I feel like I’m living in the future.

Read Tolkien, puzzlesmith

As I paged through today’s Metro newspaper, I came across this amusing entry in the letter’s section. My blurry cam made it a little hard to make out though. Here is the text:

Read Tolkien, puzzlesmith
Re: “CROSSWORD: 9/23”:
I take issue with your 43D
clue “Folklore dwarfs”
(TROLLS). It’s just not
right; dwarves and trolls
are generally different
sizes and races. I appreci-
ate precision in cross-
word clues, and this just
seemed like sloppy clue-
ing to me. I enjoy the puz-

Cheerios Super-Fast Pull Back Racer

I opened a new box of Cheerios today at work and to my surprise it contained a super-fast pull back racer inside. This is especially cool to me because as a child, I never ate much in the morning, nevermind a normal cereal that had free stuff inside. It came with a sticker sheet and directions for where to put the stickers. I spent the better part of an hour carefully applying each decal using a paperclip to properly align the design to its appropriate place on the car before permanently affixing it.

I might add, it is indeed super fast.

New Checks

Just before the AnimeBoston/Botcon combo hit me, I ran out of checks to pay bills.

This might be the first time in roughly five years or more that I’ve run out of checks. I think the second time ever. Last time, there was a little slip at the back of the last checkbook to order a new set of checks. No such luck this time around. I went online to check my account and as I suspected there was an option there to order more checks. I went through the motions and soon I was at the part where I selected the background of the check. They didn’t have the same amazingly bland and boring background I had before, so I looked through each design set. There were maybe 50 different sets. Naturally as soon as I saw the design below, I knew which set to choose. The landlady is going to love these.

Brenna's Halloween visit

So Brenna is coming tomorrow and I never got around to blogging about her last visit. I figured this would be a good opportunity.

Duke picked me up on the way to the airport because he was nice enough to help out with a ride since my dad still had my car. She was already waiting for us since we were a little late because I was scrubbing my toilet and Mike had someone do maintenance to his car despite his best efforts to refuse. We made our way back to Mike’s new condo where he and Danielle cooked for us, while Brenna and I watched Transformers on Blu-Ray. It was pretty sweet. I was pretty stuffed. After dinner, Brenna and I finished watching Transformers while both Duke and Danielle dozed off on the couch. When Mike finally roused himself, he drove us back to my apartment. We crashed almost immediately because we were both exhausted and we had a big day ahead of us on the morrow.
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