Covert Ops at Work: Loungin'

Pictures have been taken and smuggled out. Brace yourselves men, there is a lounge in the womens’ bathroom! After weeks of hearing rumors and being a naysayer, I have come into possession of conclusive evidence that, there is in fact a lounge area in the womens’ bathroom here at work. I refused to believe, even after camera phone pictures were taken to ease my doubt. Displayed below is the conclusive proof of this area’s existence. Its purpose, one can only suspect. It may have something to do with the herd-like behavior women manifest when on the way to the lavatory. They enter in groups and leave in groups. One can only deduce that they also go to the bathroom and, in this case, wait in line in groups. Such peculiar rituals have not been seen since the creation of the Discovery Channel.

Womens Lounge
Womens Lounge

For the female readers’ benefit I have included a picture of the mens’ room lounge.
Men's Lounge

3 thoughts on “Covert Ops at Work: Loungin'

  1. i think they’re going for the powder room thing. ladies can sit and powder their noses so they can be pretty. is there a basket with lotion or static guard or maxi pads or tampons out on the counter? maybe a box of tissues?

  2. Wow. Crazy.

    I’d heard from some girls that there are couches and water fountains in many women’s bathrooms. I have never seen a couch in a men’s bathroom and have only once seen a water fountain in a men’s bathroom.

    Though I have have only ever been in a women’s bathroom once and that was in elementary school for about 2 seconds as I thought I was doing something really bad after hours waiting for my mother one time.

    Not sure what the couch is needed for. It was once said to me that it was for women who were suffering of menstrual pains and needed to take a minute and sit down.

  3. WHAAAAT!? I’ve walked by this ladies’ room thousands of times and NEVER suspected such opulence. I mean, our men’s room is among the finest I’ve used (and I’ve really used this one a lot), but it falls just shy of this bed-an-breakfast-in-a-bathroom that the ladies have. Damn!

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