The Penalty of Stability Part 3

All media files have been moved.
All logs have been backed up.
All bookmarks have been saved.
All application settings have been noted.
All drivers are in hand.

Let the reformating of Abominus commence!

Taking suggestions for the name of my desktop after reformat.

For reference, my server is named Tar Valon. I am considering Tear, Illian, Rhuidean, Cairhien, Far Madding, Caemlyn, Falme, Malkier, Tanchico or Ebou Dar to stay with the same theme. Bonus points if you know the significance of the names. I’m open to all other suggestions.

I named it Rhuidean. It prompted me a lot sooner than I thought it would. Let the great driver and application install begin…

Service Pack corrupted installation. Reinstalling…

4 thoughts on “The Penalty of Stability Part 3

  1. Telling me what not to do only helps if you also include what to do instead.

    XP installed this morning and updates were running when I left for work…

  2. I do the compulsive thing and install all the patches (except any that say cummulative) one at a time. There was also a patch for windows 2000 that I wrote the name down for because I would NOT install since after the machine was ‘patched’ it took about 5 minutes for the system to shut down (which sucked between classes).

    I don’t use IE or media player, so just skip them.

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