Hunt for the Sentinel

2 Saturdays ago I spent the morning on a mission.

My mission, should I choose to finish it, was to complete the Marvel Legends Sentinel build-a-figure before the Apocalypse wave came.

After 5 stores and having to pay double price for a few of the figures because I could only find them in a comic shop, not only did I complete the Sentinel, but I completed Apocalypse as well. Sadly, due to a production error one of the figures was missing a piece to Apocalypse. I had to call Toy Biz Customer Service and they were quick to acknowledge the problem and send me out the missing piece via mail. I rarely run into such excellent encouters with any customer service, but Toy Biz definitely came through.

I posted a gallery of a few of the figures after I finished putting the two big ones together.

Halt! Mutant!

[Edit – Crazy: Updated gallery plugin. Link fixed accordingly. 2006.06.03]

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